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To Brasil and Bacharach

What a marvelous CD! Kudos to all the musicians and particularly to producer Marcos Silva. Mary’s voice is consistently beautiful and soulful throughout. Her renditions of the Bacharach classics are now my favorite versions!  Parabens! – John Santos, master percussionist, composer & five-time Grammy nominee

A Tribute to Burt Bacharach and Hal David as well as some of my favorite Brazilian composers. Marcos Silva has created arrangements that flow beautifully around each other, resulting in a unifying Brazilian vibe.

Musicans on the CD:
Marcos Silva, piano, guitar, percussion, vocals
Scott Thompson, electric bass
Greg German, drums
Phil Thompson, drums
Erik Jekabson, flugelhorn
Harvey Wainapel, alto sax
Colin Hogan, accordion
Edgardo Cambón, congas
Ian Faquini, acoustic guitar
Hande Erdem, violin

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